Domestic Students

Who are domestic students?

Domestic students are classified as students who possess a Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Residence, also known as local students. Whether you are in Grade 8 looking to get a head start, or in Grade 10 looking to lighten next year’s workload, you have to achieve the Canadian standard, the OSSD.

Local Admissions

UVA School wants to make sure that the enrollment process is as simple as possible. To ensure registration goes smoothly, all domestic students are required to pay a one-time application fee of $49.95 CAD.

An application fee is a one-time, non-refundable payment to process all of your paperwork, documents and transcripts, and to make sure everything is in order prior to enrolling. 

Why Study Online?

There are many reasons to study online. Every student approaches school differently and learns at different paces. UVA School was created with that in mind.  Here are a variety of scenarios that we would consider for a student(s) who could benefit from studying online

Students looking to improve their marks or need to take additional credits to apply for a university program.

Student-athletes who find difficulty in balancing classes in school with athletic commitments.

Students who prefer to fast-track and receive their High School Diploma in less than four years.

Grade 12 students who wish to focus separately on core courses such as English and Maths to help them achieve the highest grade possible.

Students who are unable to attend school physically due to illness, disability, or transportation limitations.

Students who want the flexibility to learn from anywhere and at any time

The Moodle System

At UVA School we use an online learning platform called Moodle which is an LMS system to conduct classes. This system personalizes learning environments for students giving them direct access to all of their course material through their Moodle account. The benefit of using Moodle is that students can access it at any place or time regardless of their location.

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