Our Students

At UVA School, we teach students in Grades 9-12, who demonstrate good self-regulation, maturity, and interest in virtual learning.

Our students may choose to become full-time students or, alternatively, to take single courses.

Our students will earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) upon completion of all Ministry of Education requirements.

All of our students go through a screening process which will verify that they are the right candidates for our school.

This may include:

  • English proficiency test prior to admission
  • Proof of completion of pre-requisites prior to course commencement
  • Canadian Test of Basic Skills, shortly after admission
  • If necessary, there may also be specific subject test(s)

Completing the registration application form will trigger the student screening process. A letter of acceptance from the school will complete the registration process.


Our relationships in the education industry has become a crucial part of our academic initiative. We form partnerships locally and internationally with other institutions to expand our globally. Our school has developed these partnerships to promote the outstanding Canadian education standards in North America. we have a vast majority of students looking to pursue further education in Ontario for university or college.

Nanjing Liuhe District Middle School

In 2013, with the approval of the Rugao Education Bureau and Liuhe District Education Bureau, our school established The Rugao Class in cooperation with Rugao City. Therefore, they have achieved significant results in sharing resources, improving the quality of education, and enhancing the overall institutions development.

In 2018, the university’s undergraduate examination entrance rate ranked 98 %. The school will carry out international education by providing individuals with high-quality educational opportunities. This plays a vital role for the education industry in Nanjing.

Hunan Radio and TV University

In 2018, the university’s undergraduate examination entrance rate ranked 98 %. The school will carry out international education by providing individuals with high-quality educational opportunities. This plays a vital role for the education industry in Nanjing.

Yangzhou University

Yangzhou University is a renowned university that is best known for a famous historical and cultural city in China. This university was built by the people’s government of Jiangsu province and the Ministry of Education. It is a key comprehensive university in the province of Jiangsu. The OSSD offered by Sunnybrook will also launch on this beautiful campus in 2020.

JJL Overseas Education

JJL enterprise group is ranked in the top 500 largest private educational institutions in China. The organizations vison is to overlook the following fields such as studying abroad, overseas immigration, educational tours, visa, etc. Over the past year JJL has over 1 million student enrollment cases and 53 subsidiaries locally and internationally.

Frequently Ask Questions

Online school works basically the same as an in-person school. Students have to log into the learning platform to be counted as present, and work through the lessons and units, handing in assignments by specified due dates. As with in-person learning there is a teacher assigned to the class to answer questions, hold office hours, and mark work. The difference is that the course is designed for the student to work at their own pace, and availability, so it is beneficial for self-regulated learners, athletes or students with other reasons why they cannot attend regular school. Online school is also great for getting extra credits to free up room in your timetable if you are an in-school student to take classes you need but may not have room for.

Yes! UVA School is an Ontario Ministry of Education Accredited School, which means that we are regularly inspected to ensure that we are meeting or surpassing the Ministry Standards of Education in our curriculum. Being an Accredited Private High School allows us to grant credits towards the OSSD or grant an OSSD itself upon completion of the requirements.

How long it takes to complete a course is up to the student taking it. Upon enrolment students have up to a year to complete the course work, which consists of 110 hours of learning. Most students finish in 8 to 12 weeks, but it is self-directed to ensure the students overall success.

Tests and exams are scheduled and proctored by a teacher or staff member of the school. The student will have to have their camera on to ensure honesty. Some students set up a phone to connected to a video chat via zoom to show them working, while others share their screen while working so that the integrity of the test/exam and their work cannot be called into question. The teacher is online through the whole process to answer questions that may arise, and ensure the time limit is met, and remind students of how much time is remaining.

Yes, being an Ontario Ministry of Education Accredited school means that our credits and diploma is accepted at both the University and College level.

UVA School is an Online School, based in Toronto. UVA School issues Ontario Secondary School Diplomas (OSSD) to students who successfully complete their program.

Any grade 1 – 12 student who would like to study the Ontario curriculum, and eventually graduate with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

A screening process may apply.

Course work, assignments, and online assessments are located on our virtual learning board called Moodle. This is an organized online system that keeps track of each and every course alongside with each individual’s marks. This gives the student and their parents the opportunity to monitor their progression in the course.

Yes, it is possible to take a course in your home country as UVA School is an online school providing educational services globally. 

Policy and Procedures

UVA School abides by the following protocols and procedures indicated by the Ministry of Education. Here is a list of all processes that are required for our institution.

Proctored Assessments  

Proctored exams are delivered online, by an assigned invigilator supervising each individual as they write their exams. Once the testing has been completed all assessments are sent directly to the principal following our mandatory procedure.

Rules for examination

There are two options given for this scenario. The final exam can either be written at our office in Richmond Hill which a member of the admissions department will coordinate, or you may proceed with writing it at home via the proctoring method.

Cheat sheets

Cheat sheets are only provided by the instructor for designated courses. These sheets are prepared by the teacher of the assigned course and will be delivered to the student prior to the exam date. If a student is caught cheating in the process their mark will result in an automatic 0. No negotiation is permitted in this particular scenario.

Extension Request

Students are granted an extension under the circumstances of permission through our admissions department or a medical note provided by your doctor.

Non-Refundable student application fee

At UVA School we do not issue a refund back for our application fee. However, there are two options given to the individual if they have completed the registration and made a full payment. 

A student or guardian has 48 hours to submit a refund request. 

If a student doesn’t log into their online portal after a week of being registered at UVA School they are permitted to receive their full refund back, excluding the application fee. 

Marks and Transcript

We send an official hard copy of your report card to your home school upon the completion of your course. Shortly after, your home school would put the completed course on your transcript.

Code of Conduct

Conduct: By taking an online course, you have joined a community of virtual learners. From administrative to academic staff, to you as a student and to your fellow classmates, we are all required to adhere to certain policies and expectations. Examples of inappropriate behavior include but are not limited to:

  • Using inappropriate and/or abusive language or conduct;
  • Posting racially, culturally or religiously offensive language, images, and files; 
  • Posting defamatory, abusive, obscene, profane, pornographic or sexually explicit texts, files, and images;
  • Sending messages of sexual harassment or which contains inappropriate romantic overtones;
  • Attempting to hide, disguise or misrepresent the identity of the sender. 

Failure to comply with our School Code of Conduct will be addressed through sanctions of appropriate measures. Depending on the seriousness of the offence, student’s intention, and impact of the offense on the school community, the school principal will decide as what would be a fair sanction. The range of sanctions can vary from a meeting with the parties  involved to doing an ethics assignment to removal from a class.