About Us

Providing Quality Online Education to Students Around the World

UVA High School is an Ontario Ministry of Education-inspected online independent school that started in 2020, and is governed by a Board of Directors. Initially, UVA School was mainly dedicated to making its courses and programs available to international students. While this had been the focus over the first couple of years, the institution had recognized the demand generated by the local Canadian student community. As such, we have responded accordingly and are now equally focused on providing credit courses to both international and local students, as we truly believe education should be accessible by all who are eager to learn. We are proud of our journey to date and are continuously working to offer the best Canadian education to our current and new students.


Innovating Education for Diverse and Independent Learners

UVA recognizes that the traditional educational system is no longer able to meet the diverse needs of today’s learners. Our alternative learning system allows students who require more independence to be successful. Our teachers, guidance, and administration staff have created a model that allows students to complete their courses and maintain complete control over their learning pace within the structure of the course content. The inspiration behind UVA recognizes that not all students have opportunities to succeed in the traditional classroom. UVA School provides a supportive learning environment for those students who cannot attend classes regularly due to personal or health-related reasons, athletic commitments, or full-time jobs. UVA is also committed to creating a global community and being the gateway to cultures as we lead the move toward a more technologically connected world.


Personalized and Interactive Education for Student Success

Here at UVA, we not only utilize a dynamic and interactive multimedia platform, but we also encourage greater interaction between our teachers and students. Students meet with teachers during office hours to ensure academic success and personal attention to their progress. UVA believes that a varied assessment and evaluation strategy best allows teachers to gauge their students’ understanding of course content. Through greater communication, we implement a student-centered approach to our education practices and teachers are expected to tailor their lessons to our student’s strengths. Quality courses and lessons, varied assessments and outstanding customer service form the building blocks of UVA School, and it is these pillars that hope to continue to grow.

Areas of Excellence

Our institute (UVA School) provides relevant, interactive and interesting curriculum to our students. We pride ourselves on providing a quality education in a safe, equitable and inclusive environment. Our students have access to tutors in their home countries as well as access to our highly qualified teachers and guidance consellors to help them both academically and emotionally in order to receive the highest level of education and support available.